• Equipment Inspections


    ISS equipment inspections ensure customer container demands are met and ensure that damage responsibility and cost are associated to the right party.

  • Gate Inspections


    Using technical inspectors, an ISS operated gate ensures higher equipment availability through instant grading, less handling and re-bill coverage.

  • Admin Services


    Invoicing and collection of rebills, auditing incoming billing to tighten down budget and ensure payments from and to responsible parties.

  •     Other Services

    Termination Inspection - ISS conducts inspections of leased equipment prior to termination to the owner.

    Procurement - ISS will inspect equipment before you on-hire to your inventories and you are responsible for maintenance and repair. -

    Chassis Management - Damage is reduced and availability improved.

    Zero Tolerance - Zero Tolerance is the ISS developed process to manage maintenance and repair costs for our customers.

    Training - Training programs designed by ISS - the industry leaders.

    Technology - Our web-based software will electronically transfer the most up-to-date information to your servers.

    Container Yards - Our container yard management program improves damage exposure.

    Pre-Trip Inspections – Benefitting the IEP and carrier, an ISS pre-trip ensures compliance with FMCSA regulations and reduces driver dwell time on the facility.